Sandra Williams ... Printmaking / Works on Paper



Edition of 7

Intaglio photopolymer, 4 plates, Graphic Chemical & Charbonnel etching inks, HahnemŁhle paper 300gsm
36 x 28 cm

Printed for the 2013 Manly Art Gallery & Museum exhibition, Keeping Company with the Collection.
Neráida is the Greek word for water nymph & is inspired by Paola Talbertís type C photograph, Kairos (moment of truth). Naturally drawn to the exploration of the characteristics of light and reflection, any subject to do with water becomes an exciting creative theme , was an intriguing prospect.
Although the image in Talbertís study of the draped female form in water is characterised by sharpness and clarity, the meaning seems ambiguous and elusive. My interpretation attempts to retain the quality of ambiguity but utilises a more impressionistic approach.