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Updated May, 2019

2019 Exhibitions & News

Northern Beaches Library Artist Book Award
3 May-6 June, 2019
Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Sydney, NSW
Such an exciting evening at the opening of this award. My artist book, Life in the Spash Zone was acquired by the library for their collection (Judges: Katherine Roberts & Geoff Harvey).

2018 Exhibitions & News

Fire: Four Elements
Creative Space, North Curl Curl 6 - 30 June
FIRE is the fourth exhibition in the Four Elements exhibition series.


Pop Up Gallery, Seaforth
2018 has brought an interesting development for exhibition opportunities. The Art & Soul Collective has leased a shop in Seaforth and with hard work by its members, has turned it into a exceptionally nice-looking Pop Up gallery. Exhibitions change over every two weeks and members are able to rent space by the linear metre. I have been involved in two of the exhibitions and will apply again for further rental periods.


Bumping in to the first exhibition at Seaforth Pop Up Space

2017 Exhibitions & News

Manly Art Gallery & Museum
1 West Esplanade & Commonwealth Parade Manly, NSW Australia
Selected works by members of MAG&M Society and artists from across the Northern Beaches region, who have drawn inspiration from the theme 'land'. Land - a noun, a verb, a place, an idea, a possibility, a presence, a contested space. Land - landscape, headland, wasteland, landfill, landmine. Presented in conjunction with MAG&M Society. Curated by Katherine Roberts.
Exhibition dates 3 November - 3 December


Drypoint over photopolymer plate
81 X 64cm

Air: Four Elements
AIR is the third exhibition in the Four Elements exhibition series.
Creative Space, North Curl Curl
2-12 November 2017

festival of the winds.jpg

Festival of the Winds
Intaglio, photopolymer plate, collage
66 X 84cm

Gippsland Print Awards
Exhibition: 2 September to 19 November, 2017
Wonderful to be included in this exhibition again. It is one of the few print awards in Australia with a relatively low exhibition fee and almost a guarantee that you work will be in the exhibition. Postage from another state is reasonable too because framing is optional.

Northern Beaches Art Prize
Creative Space, North Curl Curl
11 - 20 August, 2017
The annual Northern Beaches Art Prize (formerly Warringah Art Prize) began in 1955. Since then, it has become the Northern Beaches' most prestigious art competition. Out of 800 entries only 80 were chosen this year so I was pleasantly surprised when my work 'Paradise Lost' was selected for exhibition.

Natural Collection Book Launch
Manly Art Gallery & Museum
1 West Esplanade & Commonwealth Parade Manly, NSW Australia
16 July, 2017
The Natural Collection project was initiated to celebrate the Warringah Printmakers Studio's anniversary year of 2017. Twenty-nine artists each printed an edition of prints based on the theme of species, habitats and ecological communities which are under threat on the Northern Beaches.

open book.jpg

My 'Sunny Girl' print

solander box.jpg

Solander box

Water: Four Elements
Creative Space, North Curl Curl 15 March - 26 March
WATER is the second exhibition in the Four Elements exhibition series. This exhibition presents the work of over 20 artist's responding to water as inspiration and subject matter.


Salt & Water
Intaglio, photopolymer plate
70 x 64cm

Manly Library Artist Book Awards, 2017
Creative Space, North Curl Curl
Exhibition: Friday 31 March to Sunday 2 April, 2017

3rd Global Print
1st August to 30th September 2017
9th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro
10th August to 31st October 2018
The two exhibitions will take place in the main cities of Douro region, Portugal. I have one work, 'Torn II' in the 3rd Global Print & two works, 'Sky Blue' & 'Rock Hard' will be in the 9th International Printmaking Biennial.
The Douro Biennial Organization - Portugal.


Intaglio, photopolymer plate, monotype chine collé

2016 Exhibitions & News

metropolis invite.jpg

Members of the Warringah Printmakers Studio feature recent work in this exhibition, exploring the theme of 'metropolis'.
My work, 'Paradise Lost', reflects the idea of a sheltered, seemingly peaceful environment of leafy suburbs belying the city's social issues, frustrations and anger. Traffic congestion, a poor public transport system, ill-considered development resulting in the felling of iconic trees and the diminishing of animal and bird habitat are only the tip of the iceberg. The city could be a paradise but we seem to have lost the vision.

Below are the 5 stages of my print. There were 4 photopolymer plates made for 4 colours and a drypoint plate to finish.

yellow plate.jpg

Yellow plate

sanguine plate.jpg

Sanguine plate

tourquoise plate.jpg

Tourquoise plate

black plate.jpg

Black plate

drypoint plate.jpg

Drypoint plate


Australian Society of Miniature Art (NSW) Inc.
2016 National Awards Exhibition

Ewart Gallery
Workshop Arts Centre, 33 Laurel St, Willoughby
Commended for La Vecchia Veneziana.

la vecchia veneziana.jpg

La Vecchia Veneziana
Intaglio photopolymer, 2 plates

2nd International Enter into Art Installations 2016
Intercultural art installation & presentation to promote smaller-scale works, including meditative aspects.
Exhibitions in Cologne, Diez, Nassau, Germany.
Enter into Art - online show

two's company.jpg

Two's Company
Intaglio photopolymer, two plates &stencil
13 cm X 13 cm

Positive Negatives
An exhibition of Printmakers & Photographers
3 - 28 February 2016
Opening reception: Feb. 6, 2-4pm
with Leonard Matkevich, curator & guest speaker.
Art Studios Gallery
391 Mann Street, East Gosford
Open 11-4, Wed. to Fri: 10-4, Sat. & Sun.


4th Wharepuke International Open Printmaking Show - Part One
Jan 14 - Feb 7
Gallery open 10am - 5pm every day
The 4th Wharepuke Open Printmaking show features 25 artists from 12 different countries selected from open submission.
The exhibition is divided into two parts.
Part One runs from Jan 14 to Feb 7 and features work by:
Eman Al Hashemi (UAE) Ximena Borquez (Chile) Neala Glass (NZ) Melissa Harshman (USA) Sallyann Hingston (NZ) Amanda Kralovic (USA) Jakob Lee (USA) Steve Lovett (NZ) LUCE (Belgium) Julia Ludwig (Germany) Judy Major-Girardin (Canada) Mia O (Japan) Kavita Nayar (India) Hamish Oakley-Browne (NZ) Ruth Simons (UK) Sandra Williams (Australia)

Art at Wharepuke, 190 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri, Northland, New Zealand

edge to edge.jpg

Edge to Edge
Zinc plate etching with chine collé hand stained with natural pigments
63 cm x 39 cm

2015 Exhibitions & News

Opened on Friday 30 October 2015
Manly Art Gallery & Museum, West Esplanade Reserve, Manly
by James Valentine, 702 ABC Sydney, Presenter The Mix ABC TV
Exhibition continued until 29 November, 2015

Saltwater, curated by Katherine Roberts, was an exhibition of new works by 45 artists from Sydney's Northern Beaches working across a range of art disciplines and responding to the theme of "saltwater".
My print Edge to Edge is a series of images which convey the progress from the sand to the water. Each step towards the sea marks a place where edge meets edge. Sand grains, sand balls thrown up by crabs, the sea foam and bubbles from the waves as they hit the beach, the rocky ledges and barnacles in the seaside pools, the floating pieces of algae and seaweed are key elements in the short journey from edge to edge.

I initially looked at the theme of Saltwater from a technical aspect, experimenting with saltwater etches and salt crystals sprinkled onto wet ground. Relationships were explored between textures and patterns produced by the process of printmaking and the forms and shapes found along the water's edge. The imagery developed naturally from this connection.

edge to edge.jpg

Edge to Edge
Zinc plate etching with chine collé
63 cm x 39 cm

Bimblebox 153 Birds at the Brisbane Writers Festival
2 - 6 September, 2015
State Library of Queensland,
Cultural Precinct, Stanley Place, South Bank, South Brisbane, Queensland
Bimblebox 153 Birds @ Brisbane Writers Festival
Brisbane Writers Festival program

A Brush with Japan
Australian Society of Miniature Art (NSW) Inc

An exhibition by members of ASMA inspired by the Gosford Edowara Commemorative Garden.
Gosford Regional Gallery
36 Web Street, East Gosford
Exhibition: 8 August to 13 September 2015

winter morning.jpg

Winter Morning
Copper plate etching with Chine Collé

heavenly gate.jpg

Heavenly Gate
Monotype with acrylic paint

Australian Society of Miniature Art (NSW) Inc.
2015 National Awards Exhibition

Ewart Gallery
Workshop Arts Centre, 33 Laurel St, Willoughby
Friday 26 June to Saturday, 11 July 2015
Judged by artist Cherry Hood, two of my metal plate etchings won awards - a Commended for Winter Stroll & a Highly Commended for Coastal Gums II.

winter stroll.jpg

Winter Stroll
Copper plate etching

coastal gums.jpg

Coastal Gums II
Aluminium plate etching with gouache

Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative's $300 Day Fundraising Event
Wednesday 3rd June - Sunday 14 June 2015
Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative
55 - 59 Flood St, Leichhardt, NSW
+61 2 9560 2541
Open to public Wednesday-Sunday 11AM-4PM

International Sint-Niklaas 2015 bookplates & small printmaking competition
28 March, 2015
Stedelijke Musea - Internationaal Exlibriscentrum Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
I was delighted to receive notice that my small print, The Ghats had been selected for exhibition of the competition, especially as there were a total of 519 participants from 51 countries who submitted 1283 items. About 135 prints from 124 artists were selected by the jury.
The start of the Sint-Niklaas 2015 Printmaking Biennial, the opening of the exhibition and the proclamation of the competition took place on Saturday March, 28 at the venue of the exhibition in the museumcomplex, Zwijgershoek 14 at 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

the ghats.jpg

The Ghats
Polymer intaglio, three plates
11.8 cm X 8 cm

2014 Exhibitions & News

BSG 40 x 40 Exhibition
16 December, 2014 to 18 January, 2015
Brunswick Street Gallery, 322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC Australia

A Touch of Red: Australian Society of Miniature Art
18 to 30 November, 2014
Salerno Gallery, 70 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW Australia


Artist book
polymer intaglio prints, collage
8 cm X 8 cm X 1cm

Warringah Printmakers Studio Mini Print Exhibition
December 2014 & January 2015
Ethel Street Fine Art Gallery, Seaforth


etching, aluminium plate
Charbonnel inks on Magnani 300gsm paper
13 cm X 19.5 cm

Rock, Scissors, Paper
Printmakers & Paper Artists
24 September - 5 October, 2014

Art Studios Gallery, 391 Mann Street, North Gosford


I was one of 11 printmakers & paper artists to show work at this new gallery (only 3 months old) and already creating a small buzz of interest in the Gosford area. A good chance to combine seeing the set up of the gallery & artist studios, as well as visiting the Gosford Art Prize.

Bimblebox 153 Birds Printmaking Project
Bimblebox 153 Birds is a developing art project for Artist Printmakers, Writers & Musicians about the 152+ bird species that have been recorded on the Bimblebox Nature Refuge, Queensland, Australia.

The completed collection of artwork, poetry/prose & music will be exhibited in as many galleries as welcome it - venues to be advised.

The bird assigned to me for the Bimblebox - 153 Birds project was the Golden Whistler (Pachycephala pectorals). The adult male Golden Whistler is mainly a black, white & yellow bird but does have olive-green on its back & wings. I decided to limit the colours for both the bird and the background so that the bright golden chest feathers would be emphasized. Of course, I had to depict the Golden Whistler in the act of whistling.

golden whistler.jpg

Golden Whistler
etching, 2 aluminium plates
Graphic Chemical & Charbonnel inks on Magnani 300gsm paper
19 cm X 9.5 cm

International Print Exchange 2014
Exhibition: 14 October - 10 November 2014
Banks Mill Studios (foyer), 71 Bridge Street, Derby, DE1 3LB (UK)

Great to be involved with these international print exchanges.

paper scrolls.jpg

Paper Scrolls
intaglio/relief polymer
10 x 10 cm

Inkmasters Biennial Print Exhibition
1-24 Aug, 2014 at Tanks Arts Centre

I was very pleased to have my work "Rock Solid" selected for the 2014 Inkmasters Biennial Print Exhibition. More than 80 artists were represented & 120+ works displayed. The exhibition has grown in popularity since the inaugural one for which I also had work selected.

My thanks go to Rose Rigley, the Project Co-ordinator & all the team from Inkmasters for excellent organisation.

rock solid.jpg

Rock Solid
multiplate intaglio/relief polymer
57 X 40.5 cm

Compact Prints
15 August - 21 September, 2014

I have been participating in this lovely project since its inaugural exhibition in 2002. Since then I haven't missed a chance to be involved every two years. It started as a national event but became international in 2004. Three prints are submitted from the same edition with a brief artist statement. One print is exchanged with a participating artist and a second is displayed in a CD jewel case as a part of the exhibition. The third print is auctioned at a Fundraiser.

light and shade.jpg

Light & Shade
Intaglio polymer with chine collé
10 x 10 cm Cardboard is torn & reassembled; an image is formed; a plate is made; ink is applied; paper is dampened; a print pulled. 'Light & Shade' is a study in solid form expressed through tonal changes.

Elements Exhibition
14 - 29 June 2014
Warringah Creative Space
105 Abbott Road, North Curl Curl, NSW

Click on the following link to view online exhibition -

Working with & for the Community
Warringah Creative Space
On Saturday 22 February I joined about 50 other volunteers to paint and plant in a bid to help finish this exciting project. The Warringah Council is transforming the old Scout Hall at Abbott Rd, Curl Curl into a creative space for the community. The project is being done using as many "pre-loved" materials as possible in partnership with Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre. It was hard but very satisfying work.

Follow the link to view video of the community blitz. Community Blitz

2013 Exhibitions

Show & Sell
Warringah Printmakers Studio
14 December 2013, 10am - 2pm
Unframed work for sale.
Warringah Printmakers Studio, Cnr Condamine & Lovett Streets, Manly Vale, Australia

Keeping Company With the Collection
Manly Art Gallery & Museum
Exhibition launch: Friday 8 November, 6 - 8 pm
Exhibition: 8 November - 1 December 2013
An exhibition of new works inspired by artworks from the collection.
Artist's in conversation: Sunday 24 November, 3 - 4pm
West Esplanade, Manly NSW
Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 5pm


multiplate intaglio polymer

Warringah Printmakers Studio 2013 Annual Exhibition
Sydney Antique Centre
531 South Dowling St. Surry Hills, Australia
Opening event Saturday 16 November, 2-5pm
16 November - 8 December 2013

daylight reflections.jpg

Daylight Reflections

evening reflections.jpg

Evening Reflections

2013 Horbsby Art Prize
Wallarobba Arts & Cultural Centre, 25 Edgeworth David Ave, Hornsby.
Opening event 10am-9pm Saturday 9 November, from 6pm
Exhibition viewing hours: Sunday 10 - Friday 15 November, 10am-7pm
Thursday 14, Wallarobba after Dark Artist Talk, 10am- 9pm
Saturday 16 - Sunday 17 November, 10am-4pm
The 2013 Hornsby Art Prize was judged by artists, Ms Judith White, Mr Alan Somerville and Mr Rew Hanks.

Mini Print Internacional de Cadaqués
29 June to 30 September
Cadaqués, Girona, Spain

hallowed halls.jpg

Hallowed Halls
zinc plate etching & collagraph

Marked by Water - Newcastle
Opening: Friday 14 June 2013 6-9pm
Exhibition: 15-29 June, 2013
The Curve Gallery
37 Watt Street, Newcastle Thu to Sat 1pm-7pm or by appointment

Marked by Water - Sydney
Opening: Saturday 13 July, 2013, 5pm to 7pm
Public viewing: 13 - 21 July, 2013 10am - 4pm
By appointment: 22 - 28 July, 2013 10am - 4pm
Printmaking demonstrations: 13 - 21 July, 2013
Warringah Printmakers Studio Gallery
Cnr Condamine & Lovett Sts Manly Vale NSW

CPM National Print Awards 2013
Tweed River Art Gallery, Murwillumbah, NSW
Exhibition: 19 April to 2 June 2013

coastal banksia.jpg

Coastal Banksia
73 x 49cm

white mangrove.jpg

White Mangrove
66 x 49cm

Manly Artist Book Award 2013
Manly Libray, Market Place Manly NSW
Libray Display: Monday 18 to Thursday 28 March 2013

go with the flow.jpg

Go with the flow - cover

go with the flow.jpg

Go with the flow - page

2012 Exhibitions

Warringah Printmakers Studio Annual Members' Exhibition 2012
Sydney Antique Centre Gallery, 531 South Dowling Street, Surry Hills
Until mid January 2013.

coastal banksia.jpg

Coastal Banksia



Inaugural Inkmaster Print Exhibition
Tank 4 Gallery, Cairns, QLD
27 July-22 Aug 2012
Selected for exhibition by Andrea May Churcher (Cairns Regional Gallery)
Ingrid Hoffman (Kickarts Contemporary Arts/Djumbunji Press)
& Averil Quail (Artistic Director, CIAF). Inkmasters, Cairns Inc.

morning mangroves.gif

Morning Mangroves
Intaglio Polymer & chine collé

reed beds in still waters.gif

Reed Beds in Still Waters
Intaglio & Relief Polymer

Connecting Small Artists' Books, 2012
Artists' books from the Sidney Nolan Trust, UWE Bristol UK
& Australian artists. Organised by Jan Melville.
U.W.E. Bristol - 2 July-31 Aug 2012
Sidney Nolan Trust - 6-16 September 2012
Cardiff School of Design - 19 Sept-22 Oct 2012
Manly Library - 19 Nov-16 Dec 2012
Milk Factory, Bowral - 12-27 January 2013
For online exhibition:

artists book.jpg

In the Text
Artist Boook

artist book.jpg

In the Text
Artist Book

2012 Fourth International Mini Print Exhibition
Ottawa School of Art
April 12 - May 20, 2012
Small-format prints (maximum of 10 cm by 10 cm) with artists working in any print medium.

Leave Nothing but Prints: 20 July - 2 September 2012
Manly Art Gallery & Museum, West Esplanade Reserve, Manly NSW.

golden mangrove.jpg

Golden Mangrove

ASMA National Awards - 10 August - 25 August 2012
Ewart Gallery, 33 Laurel Street Willoughby NSW
Monday - Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm; Saturday 10am - 3pm; Closed Sundays

touched by light.jpg

Touched by Light

hill town.jpg

Hill Town



International Print Exchange Exhibition
Warringah Printmakers Studio & the Lorg Fine Art Printmakers, Ireland
March 2012


Etching with gradated colour roll

A Small World
An exhibition of artworks by the Australian Society of Miniature Art (NSW)
Milk Factory Gallery, Bowral

Prizes - 2011

First Prize Printmaking
Australian Society of Miniature Art (NSW) National Awards
(Judge: Lucy Culliton)
Comments: Mimi Country II - Lovely drawing & subtle colour.

Printmaking Award
North Sydney Art Prize

(Judge: Nafisa Naomi)
Comments: Translates the feeling of the bush & banksias
beautifully into the medium - with soft scratchings, & strong
contrasts, the resilience of the banksias stand as a reminder of the
Australian bush which thrives amongst our urban landscape.

2011 Exhibitions

Warringah Printmakers Studio Annual Members' Exhibiiton 2011
Sydney Antique Centre Gallery 531 South Dowling Street, Surry Hills
Until December 31

mimi country.jpg

Mimi Country
10 x 10cm

mimi country II.jpg

Mimi Country II
10 x 10cm

evening mangroves.jpg

Evening Mangroves
Intaglio/Relief Polymer
44 x 39cm


Etching & Drypoint (2 plates)
30 x 26cm

2011 International Contemporary Printmakers Award Exhibition

Opening reception from 6-8pm on Friday 2nd September 2011
The Poly Arts Centre, 24 Church St, Falmouth, Cornwall UK
The Exhibition will run from 28th August- 12th September 2011.

Towards the end of 2011 the selected works will be shown
at the Zea Mays, Florence, Massachusetts

land line.jpg

Land Lines
Intaglio/Relief Polymer
20 x 15cm


Intaglio/Relief Polymer
19.5 x 15cm


Intaglio Polymer, chine collé
20 x 15cm