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Life in the Splash Zone

Created for the Northern Beaches Library Artist Book Awards, 2019 - acquired for the library collection.
Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Manly NSW

'Life in the Splash Zone' was inspired by a visit to the Long Reef Aquatic Reserve accompanied by a volunteer from BirdLife Australia. It was a brilliant day, as only a day in March on the Sydney beaches can be, and we were able to view migratory waders and many of the diverse life forms which inhabit the intertidal zone.

splash1.jpg splash2.jpg
splash3.jpg splash4.jpg

Japanese stab binding. Etching & watercolour.
Dimensiions: 8cm X 22cm X 2.5cm

Found & Printed

found1.jpg found2.jpg
found3.jpg found4.jpg

Concertina book with found packaging cover. Monotype prints.
Dimensiions: 23cm X 22.5cm X 3.5cm


Created for A Touch of Red Exhibiiton, Australian Society of Miniature Art
18 to 30 November, 2014
Salerno Gallery, 70 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW Australia.

threads1.jpg threads4.jpg threads2.jpg

Concertina book with hard cover. Intaglio print & collage.
Dimensiions: 8cm X 8cm X 1 cm

In airy warmth whispering

In still waters mirrored, firm roots anchored - reflecting, deflecting
In airy warmth whispering, tall bamboo grasses - waving, swaying
By loving hands placed, plants in warm waters - caring, sharing
Leaves for the taking, pandanus in sunlight - winding, binding
Washed and refreshed, reeds by rain blessed - pittering, pattering

airywarmth1.jpg airywarmth2.jpg airywarmth3.jpg

Japanese stab binding. Intaglio/relief prints & mixed media.

Go with the flow

Oars push, boats glide, waters swish
drift, float, bob

Birds flutter, sands flurry, people gather
pulse, buffet, dwindle

Swimmers stroke, pools lap, waves pound
languish, lapse, abate

Walkers stroll, tides surge, time passes
ripple, undulate, pulsate

Waters swell, channels gyre, streams whirl
ebb, retreat, diminish

go with the flow1.jpg go with the flow2.jpg

Japanese stab binding. Intaglio/relief prints, drawing media on Xuan Paper.
Parallels are drawn between the ebb and flow of water, the passage of time and the natural rhythms of life.

Water Glimpses

Blue washes slide over the sand
Scurrying sea-life, tread of feet
Fleeting glimpses of light on water

Sea journeys pull us onwards
Seafarers, now compete
Searching stares pierce the waves

Light breezes stir mirrored reflections
Cool waters, soothing heat
Drifting gazes drawn to the horizon

glimpses1.jpg glimpses2.jpg glimpses3.jpg

Concertina book of themed prints using various print techniques & collage.

In the Text

in the text.jpg in the text.jpg in the text.jpg

The book was inspired by a foreign language exercise - "The truth is in the text - indicate whether the following sentence is true or false."

The idea is explored with the repetition of the phrase "the truth is in the text" translated into various languages. The repeated text alternates with deconstructed foreign language dictionaries. The concertina structure of the book is made from one of my prints.